Blues + Browns Tree Ring Pour (Part 1 + 2 Practice)

Products used: (South Africa) Dala Acrylic Paint: Pearl White, Burnt Umber, Copper, Ultramarine Blue, Black No pouring medium/ Just water and Paint Heat Gun:…

So this was part one of this Tree Ring Pour which I decided to try out. I am not used to using brown (Burnt Umber) in my paintings, however I wanted to try something that gives more of an ‘Earthy’ vibe.

When I began pouring my paint onto my canvas I loved how it looked just as it was poured. I almost wish I didn’t have to move it. I am going to try find a way to not move it too much next time and see if it works.

So I was generally happy with the outcome of this painting, however I believe the biggest issue I had with this piece of art was that some of my paints were thicker than the black paint. So the black paint created wiggles in my paining because the paint in that area was too thin. I also had lumps in my paint, so I’ve decided not to go about the lazy route, but to strain my paint and leave it over night to set. This creates the best paint for pouring.

So the outcome of this painting was okay, and it did dry well because I just used water and paint. However, I wasn’t happy with the squiggles and lumps in my paint so I will be attempting this painting again soon and that will be considered part 2.

My Art

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

About My Art

Why Acrylic Pouring?

Creates balance in my life.
Creates a space for me to relax and find peace.
It teaches patience.
It promotes a new way of creating art.
There is no perfect way, perfectionism is limited therefore stress has no place in this form of art, in order to truly enjoy it.

Those are some of the reasons I love Acrylic Pouring, I am sure there are many more reasons that I could add to the list, but mostly I think everyone needs to find something they love and do it. Even if it means just doing it because it brings you some joy. Part of discovering yourself and loving yourself is exploring your likes/dislikes and passions.

Why I started a channel and a page:

  • I discovered that there is a very positive group of Acrylic Pouring artists out there that are supportive and kind.
  • My channel is meant to help me connect with other artists, but also is a part of a hobby that I have that makes me happy. I get to look back at old artworks on my channel and watch the process.
  • I would love to connect with people around the world who want to know more about Acrylic Pouring and maybe even try it out too!
  • If my channel is successful it would mean I would have created my own job as a student, I would be able to make more art and I’d be able to earn a side living from it too! Doing something I actually love and enjoy!

This page will be apart of my Acrylic Pouring journey, it will encourage growth and positivity in my life. I have a few goals to reach by the end of this year (2019) and within the first year I have my channel too.

A few quotes I feel resinate with this kind of art:

Art is too important not to share.

Romero Britto

Creativity is not a competition.

Autumn Sky Hall

Art is like Therapy, what comes up is what comes up. It may be dark, but thats what comes up. You may want to keep some of it in the drawer, but never judge it.

Nick Bantock

About Me

Welcome to my page! I’ll start off by introducing myself and then I’ll speak a bit about my passion for Acrylic Pouring.

I am a art loving person who discovered a passion for Acrylic Pouring after going through something very stressful in my life. I fell in love with the peace it gave me!

I am a student in my 20’s studying to be a teacher in South Africa. I created Art4Therapy as I believe Acrylic Pouring is the most therapeutic form of art I’ve come across. I love the way color moves, changes and creates beautiful looking shapes.

I would say I am a Acrylic Pouring addict. I go into my own world while creating my little master pieces. Especially when I create tree ring pours, I’d like to think when God created the Earth he had a lot of fun as if it were art!

I love being able to create things no one else has before with colors and techniques. I love this form of art and will always be trying out new things! I also have a YouTube channel called Art4Therapy where I post all my videos online for you to watch my journey!

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